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What is EthOss?

EthOss® is a synthetic graft material comprised of ß Tri Calcium Phosphate (ßTCP) and Calcium Sulphate, with several benefits over traditional materials:

  • Quick results – human biopsies show bone levels of 50% after 12 weeks
  • No need for a separate collagen membrane – EthOss® has a built-in membrane
  • Synthetic – no animal or human content
  • EthOss® is fully absorbed into the body, being replaced by new, healthy host bone

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Socket graft using EthOss standard protocol

EthOss Socket graft clinical
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Bone Regeneration Basics


Routine Defects

Buccal defect
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Socket Grafting for Ridge Preservation


Sinus augmentation using EthOss

Sinus Aug
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Sinus Augmentation

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How to Prepare and Place EthOss

How to Prepare and Place EthOss Instructional Explainer Animated Video

Why choose EthOss?

  • Now included on the Australian Prostheses List
  • EthOss is a combination of Beta-Tri-Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Sulphate, creating an environment rich in phosphate and calcium ions, ideal for bone regrowth
  • The Calcium Sulphate acts as a built-in barrier against soft tissue ingress, removing the need for an additional collagen membrane. This simplifies and expedites treatment
  • Provides an ethical and highly effective solution for GBR, periodontitis, buccal defects, sinus grafts and extraction socket filling
  • Helps new bone to grow quickly, with minimal discomfort and pain
  • Over the course of treatment it will be completely replaced by the patient's own bone and it won't leave any remnants in their body
  • Easily mixed into a paste with saline and applied using a simple syringe delivery system
  • Available in 2 single-use syringe sizes (0.5cc and 1cc)
  • 3 syringes per box

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Socket grafting techniques and materials for the general practitioner

November 2021

Research has shown that up to 50% of bone volume may be lost following extraction, therefore preserving and regenerating the dimensions of a site post-extraction is vital to allow for effective implant placement. 

During this session, Dr Nicolas Widmer (Switzerland) discusses socket grafting from the perspective of a general practitioner, showcasing the techniques and materials he uses to achieve effective, predictable results.  The discussion includes: 

-  Case selection considerations
-  Techniques for effective socket grafting with EthOss
-  How to protect the graft where primary closure is challenging
-  Site cleaning and preparation

The presentation features several case studies from Dr Widmer’s own clinical experience. 

About the presenter

Dr Widmer has been placing implants since 2006. His extensive CV includes: Master in Implantology GIDE / UCLA, Update in Implantology UFSC, Master in Aesthetic Dentistry UFSC, Lecturer in Dentistry at the University of Bern and Course Director for Osstem Implantate Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 


Dr Nicholas Widmer


See the EthOss clinical in Bite Magazine's 2021 Dental Implant Guide



Patient History

A 45 year old, non-smoking male was referred by his GDP to me for an implant consultation. The GDP had reported an incidental finding of a deep, vertical periodontal pocket associated with the patient's LL7 distal aspect (image 1) during a new patient exam in an otherwise non-periodontally affected mouth (images 2 & 3). Due to the extent of bone loss evident around the tooth as seen on the peri-apical radiograph, the referring GDP (and likewise informed patient) were of the opinion that an implant replacement would be highly unlikely to be offered and/or successful. 


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How do I purchase EthOss?

EthOss is available in Australia from the following distribution partners:

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Products mentioned in webinars

Supporting products are occasionally mentioned during Australian EthOss webinar clinical procedures. Please contact your preferred distributor to purchase these products.

The "Dome Device Technique"

Stability without membranes: Using the “Dome Device” technique for larger bone defects

Presenter: Dr Michael Ainsworth, UK

Products mentioned:

  • Ethicon (Z443H) Sutures PDS II Und 2/0 24mm 70cm

Immediate Implant Placement and Loading in the Aesthetic Zone - New Concepts and Innovations

Presenter: Dr Dominic O'Hooley, UK

Products mentioned:

  • EthOss degranulation burs
  • Kulzer Venus Diamond Flow Composite
  • Kulzer Flexitime


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