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What is EthOss?

EthOss® is a synthetic graft material comprised of ß Tri Calcium Phosphate (ßTCP) and Calcium Sulphate, with several benefits over traditional materials:

  • Quick results – human biopsies show bone levels of 50% after 12 weeks
  • No need for a separate collagen membrane – EthOss® has a built-in membrane
  • Synthetic – no animal or human content
  • EthOss® is fully absorbed into the body, being replaced by new, healthy host bone

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Socket graft using EthOss standard protocol

EthOss Socket graft clinical
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Bone Regeneration Basics


Routine Defects

Buccal defect
Download Buccal Defect Clinical   

Socket Grafting for Ridge Preservation


Sinus augmentation using EthOss

Sinus Aug
Download Sinus Augmentation Clinical   

Sinus Augmentation

Angle Box
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2 - full degranulation kit
Download Degranulation Bur Instructions  

How to Prepare and Place EthOss

Why choose EthOss?

  • Now included on the Australian Prostheses List
  • EthOss is a combination of Beta-Tri-Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Sulphate, creating an environment rich in phosphate and calcium ions, ideal for bone regrowth
  • The Calcium Sulphate acts as a built-in barrier against soft tissue ingress, removing the need for an additional collagen membrane. This simplifies and expedites treatment
  • Provides an ethical and highly effective solution for GBR, periodontitis, buccal defects, sinus grafts and extraction socket filling
  • Helps new bone to grow quickly, with minimal discomfort and pain
  • Completely replaced by the patient's own bone and won't leave any remnants in their body
  • Easily mixed into a paste with saline and applied using a simple syringe delivery system
  • Available in 2 single-use syringe sizes (0.5cc and 1cc) with 3 x syringes per box

New Live Australian Webinar - Register Now!

My Journey With EthOss - An Australian Perspective

August 9 2023 - 19.00 AEST


Register now for the first 100% Australian FREE EthOss CPD webinar!

Featuring Sydney dentists Dr Nick Kulkarni and Dr Peter Bouboulos, you'll hear firsthand how they started using EthOss and what their experience has been so far. Both will showcase a range of recent case studies, as well as advice based on what they've learned on their journey with EthOss to date.

• How they first heard about EthOss
• What made them start using EthOss
• How they made the transition
• Patient selection and whether this has changed
• Outcomes and what they have learned along the way
• What advice do they wish they could have given themselves at the start of their EthOss journey

The presentation will include a range of clinical cases from each speaker's own personal experience.

About the presenters

Dr Kulkarni has over 20 years of experience in all fields of dentistry with a keen interest in Dental Implants. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Oral Implants from the University of Sydney.


Dr Nick Kulkarni

Dr Bouboulos (BDS (Syd Uni) graduated from Sydney University in 1995, having received many academic awards throughout his undergraduate degree showing proficiency in clinical dentistry.

Dr Peter Bouboulos

Dr Peter Bouboulos


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How do I purchase EthOss?

EthOss is available in Australia from the following distribution partners:

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